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Remember the legendary service station or garage, when they knew you by name and they took that extra special care with your car? You don’t have to go far to find that same special care at Streetwise Automotive, where Steve looks after your car with the utmost care.

Once a month, you should perform the basic checks to help identify problems that can cost fuel harm the environment and most importantly decrease overall performance.

Five Part 10 minute Check-up

  • Check all fluids, including engine oil, power steering, brake and transmission fluids, antifreeze/coolant &  windshield washer fluid!
  • Check hoses and belts.
  • Check the tires, tire inflation ( don’t forget your spare tire) and also check the treads for uneven wear. Look for bulges and bald spots.
  • Check lighting including you hazard / four ways lights
  • Check wiper blades and make sure the windshield wiper blades are working properly.

Spring Car Care Tips

Wash your car

Just like a good maintenance program prolongs the life and performance of your car, all vehicles regardless of the finish (clear coat, acrylic, enamel, etc.) require regular washing throughout the year. To preserve your car’s shine and protect the surface, wax your vehicle once it has dried completely. If you don’t have the space or time we can arrange this while its in for its regular oil service appointment!

Clean the Underbody

In addition to washing the exterior, be sure to spray the underbody and underneath the rear and front bumpers to rinse away any salt build-up which can lead to erosion and rusting. Use a high-pressure sprayer for best results.

Winter Tires

With the ever changes to our climate it’s highly recommended to have WINTER TIRES! Rotating tires regularly extends their life and will give you better braking and handling throughout the fall & winter months! 

If the weather is 7 degrees or higher it’s time to remove your winter tires and store them. Which if you don’t have anywhere to store them we can do at Streetwise for a low fee and install your summer and/or all season tires! Rotating your tires approximately every 10,000 Kms and / or every other oil service will extend your tires life!

Oil Change

At Streetwise we offer buy one oil service the next is FREE, and this offer is valid for as long as you own the vehicle! Performing regular oil service has proven to not only extend the vehicles life but in the end it will save you from future unneeded repairs! We offer Conventional & Synthetic Oil services! 

Nevertheless, make sure you stick to the manufacturer’s recommended oil type for your car!

Make sure fluids are topped up

In the winter months, fluids are easily depleted as your engine works harder in the colder weather. Make sure to double-check all the car’s fluids regularly. Follow our Five Part – 10 minute Check-up once and month, every month for best results and optimal performance.

Wiper Blades Check

Your wipers work hard all winter wiping away dirt and debris on your windshield. It is a good idea to replace them in the spring to be prepared for April showers.

Apply a Protectant

Any vinyl surface including the dashboard, seats and the steering wheel are susceptible to cracking, sun damage and fading – be sure to apply a protectant at the beginning of the season and touch-up regularly.

Interior clean up


Streetwise Automotive and Truck Repair Centre has been your neighborhood mechanic in Mississauga for over 15 years. This popular Mississauga location is owned and operated by Steve, who has maintained the standard of service that has brought them success all these years. We celebrate your loyalty with monthly specials and maintenance tips to keep your vehicle running smoothly.


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