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About Us

About Us

We have been a family run business for over 15 years. There is good reason why we have been around for many years. We Pride ourselves on Service. Your satisfaction is our number one goal. We get it done right the first time. Steve started in the industry at 16. He loves cars and the car industry. Fixing cars became his passion. A strong community leader supporting sports leagues in his neighbourhood, a real honest mechanic.

How are we different?

The legendary Corner garage – You knew the owner personally, and all of the staff. You could talk to them, and they listened. You met the person who actually worked on your vehicle and there was mutual trust.

With the explosion of modern day automotive technology, great service and that kind of relationship is hard to find

You almost never meet the boss anymore. Department managers, service advisors, and diagnostic technicians separate you from the hand that holds the wrench.

The tradition of personal service, care, and attention seems to be disappearing.

NOT at Streetwise.

Yes, we use today’s electronic diagnostic and service tools, because today’s business and increasingly complex vehicles demand them

However, we remember that they are tools. They do not replace the personal attention that makes the difference between getting the job done and getting the job done right. It is the difference between service and satisfaction.

Our administrative personnel put you first, making sure that you are informed on a timely basis of the exact status of progress of your vehicles.

The people who work at Streetwise combine to offer you well over 75 years expertise and experience in vehicle maintenance and repair. Our service staff includes electronic engine control specialist and Class A,S,andT mechanics. We are experts in all types of vehicles from the family sedan through motor homes and trailers to the newest semi tractor and big bus.

Our staff is constantly trained, updated, and re-certified to be current with every advancement that hits our industry. We know what we’re doing.

Above all, we listen to you. We understand your investment and your needs. We know how it feels when the “guys in the garage” pay attention to what you want instead of fitting you into a pre-planned, one size fits all service package, we want you to be satisfied.So, before we return your vehicles, we check every function against specifications and verify the effectiveness of every repair. When were finished with your vehicles you can be confident that they’re ready… For the Road.At Streetwise Automotive, we bring tradition and technology together.


Streetwise Automotive and Truck Repair Centre has been your neighborhood mechanic in Mississauga for over 15 years. This popular Mississauga location is owned and operated by Steve, who has maintained the standard of service that has brought them success all these years. We celebrate your loyalty with monthly specials and maintenance tips to keep your vehicle running smoothly.


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